Terms of Use

Terms of Use:

Terms of Use govern the relationship between the user and Site Administration. Terms of Use apply to all agreements between the client and the Web site provided.
- Introduction or removal site:
Once the customer has signed an agreement and confirmed the announcement of announcements through www.njoftime.co, means it complies with the conditions of use.
The content of posts on Page:
You understand and agree that the Administration may review and delete any content, message, send messages, photos or profiles if you violate this Agreement that may be offensive, illegal or violate the rights, threaten the safety of any member in it.
- Charge:
The customer is fully responsible for the content of the transmitted data in www.njoftime.co from Him, such as for example Advertising Online Publication. Website disclaims any responsibility for the content of the customer. In particular, the Web site does not guarantee any warranty provided goods and services of each member and for contracts that may result, such as purchase contracts, sales etc..
This also applies to advertising and print jobs that are collected from Web clients. Website is not responsible for the misuse of the Internet and other customer claims by third parties, for security lapses and failures of third party telecommunication internet, business interruptions and failures of applications and online platforms www.njoftime.co and other third parties.
This Agreement is accepted upon your use of the website and further confirmed by you for becoming a member of the Service offered. Please contact us with any questions regarding this Agreement. mail: admin@njoftime.co
Note that the terms of use of  www.njoftime.co at any time can be modified and updated for positive purposes and efficiently between the notifier and the Administration page. Current version will always be here with an agreement with www.njoftime.co.

Sincerely : Gentian Kasa (Sys.Admin)

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